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   Padel court experts


GIMPADEL · fabricación de pistas de pádel

Passion for Padel 

GIMPADEL is a network of experts in sports facilities and recreational spaces, specialised in the assembly of paddle tennis courts. The seriousness of our daily work is marked by the dedication, experience and professionalism of our team. We collaborate with private sports clubs, as well as with institutions and public administrations.

 Do not hesitate to contact us and let yourself be guided by expert and qualified workers in the search for the solutions and facilities that best suit your needs. We will make a personalised assessment of your project with no obligation whatsoever.

▷   Manufacturing process of a paddle tennis court

International Presence

At GIMPADEL we want to take padel very far. We are in a constant process of national and international growth. The number of countries in which we are present continues to grow at the same time as our company grows.

There are already many customers who trust us for the efficiency and professionalism with which we face all projects of manufacture, construction and installation of paddle tennis courts.

Turn your project into reality anywhere in the world.

Padel court manufacturers

C/ Hospicio 4 Bajo 24003 León (Spain)
C/ Hospicio 4 Bajo 24003 León (Spain)