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Environmental context

ARHAM has implemented an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System to achieve:

  • The continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System and the performance of its activities, both in terms of quality and the environment.
  • The satisfaction of customers and stakeholders focused on the optimisation of resources, good internal management, respect for legal obligations and quality assurance of its services, which will be achieved through planned actions for prevention, detection, correction and continuous improvement.
  • Respect for the environment and continuous consideration of those aspects of the activities that have an impact on the environment, by raising awareness among employees and improving the environmental performance of the activities.

In relation to the environmental performance of its activities, ARHAM informs its interested parties:

1. That there is an Integrated Management System Policy that has been reviewed and approved in accordance with the reference standards.
2. That an analysis and evaluation of environmental aspects is carried out on an annual basis.
3. That these significant environmental aspects have associated control operations, which include the monitoring of indicators and/or plans that minimise or eliminate impacts on the environment and enable the prevention of pollution.
4. That objectives associated with ARHAM’s environmental aspects are maintained and defined in order to prevent and reduce these significant environmental aspects.
5. ARHAM adequately manages the hazardous and non-hazardous waste generated in our activities through authorised waste managers, recording these deliveries in the chronological list of waste, in accordance with the legislation in force.
6. Therefore, ARHAM’s Management considers that the environmental performance of its activities contributes to the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, which is audited periodically, both internally and externally. Likewise, the involvement of the personnel results in the improvement of customer and stakeholder satisfaction and respect for the environment.
7. ARHAM requests the PARTICIPATION OF INTERESTED PARTIES in matters that may affect Quality and the Environment.

Meeting the Quality requirements of our products and services, respecting the Environment and avoiding pollution is an issue that concerns everyone, EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR.

June 2020

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C/ Hospicio 4 Bajo 24003 León (Spain)