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Quality and environmental policy

ARHAM’s management, as the final responsible for all the activities carried out in the company, declares its firm intention to implement and keep constantly updated an Integrated Management System in accordance with the reference standards UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015. We are committed to continuous improvement and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements that guarantee the quality and commitment to environmental protection in our work; providing the company with the technical and human resources necessary to do so and being a reference framework for establishing and reviewing the company’s objectives.

The object of ARHAM’s certification corresponds to the “Design, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance of padel courts, multi-sports courts, urban furniture. Installation and maintenance of sports equipment and playgrounds. Purchase and sale of goods and construction. Supply of seeds and phytosanitary products for the maintenance of fields and green areas. GIS geolocation”.

ARHAM’s ultimate goal is to satisfy customers with a quality service that meets the needs of its stakeholders. The organisation’s management sets out the following general principles:

1. Compliance with customer, legal and regulatory requirements and service conformity as a guarantee of the company’s survival.
2. The development of the company in terms of services and clients; and in terms of efficiency and economic profitability, nature, magnitude and environmental impact of activities and services.
3. To guarantee quality in all processes, thus ensuring the best service and the best performance for our customers. Likewise, we are committed to the environment and the prevention of pollution.
4. The professional and human development of the staff, achieving total integration and participation in the company; as well as the responsible use of resources, mitigation and adaptation to climate change, protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.
5. Customer satisfaction as a result of the services provided.
6. Promote the constant search for the satisfaction of the professionals involved in the processes, attending to their demands and suggestions.
7. Suppliers will be controlled for the capacity of their products and/or services, and the methods, processes and equipment used will be controlled.
8. To guarantee a framework of continuous improvement of the integrated management system, both in terms of processes with periodic evaluations and review of objectives and environmental performance.

The Management has established the necessary mechanisms so that this Policy is known, understood and put into practice by all levels of the Organisation and is known to all Stakeholders.

I assume responsibility for compliance with the aforementioned guidelines, having the authority to implement the corrective actions and improvement plans it deems appropriate.

Signed Management.

Padel court manufacturers

C/ Hospicio 4 Bajo 24003 León (Spain)
C/ Hospicio 4 Bajo 24003 León (Spain)